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Don’t have a neologism in mind? Here’s some ways to get the word out. 

Quantibetize = Replace numbers with letters. Take a telephone number (e.g., 755-214-1335), and number-for-letter it becomes “geebadacce” (use double-digits for more options).                   

Anagram = Re-ordering all the letters in a word. Who knew that ”Millicent” could make 11 authentic neologisms, including “cellimint,” “climelint,” “mincelilt”, “ticillmen,” and “ticenmill?”


Your Personal Best:

Play around with your name, your town, your job. Spell it backwards, or make it into an anagram (click here for help from the anagram maker). Quantibetize your social security number, driver’s license, home address, birthdate, credit card...

AuduceBlack Circle Size 00 = Creating a word based on a sound. If “crystal” feels good off your tongue, play with it. Among its many homonyms are “systal”, “bistle”, “kisstal”, and “mistel” (Oops, mistel is already a word). Add sounds to the front or back, to get things like “piristle” or “phystalizer”. 

AuduceBlack Circle Size 0 It:

Take any sound, like ’ant’, then just play with it (there are scores of ‘ants’ waiting to become words, from ‘bant’ to ‘zant’). Add syllables on either end. Use OneLook or dictionary.com to check (we’ll be the final judge once submitted).

tictoxicBlack Circle Size 00 = pertaining to the tiresome, nauseatingly repetitious sound of a clock.         

nakarizeBlack Circle Size 00 = 1) to create, modify, or refine something ordinary into a work of sophistication or good taste; 2) to alter a house in appearance and livability such that it becomes much more desirable and of greater value.



Just take two words and blend them together, blending their meanings. Like “bozoneBlack Circle Size 00” (bozo and ozone, see meaning) or “tictoxicBlack Circle Size 00” (tic-tock and toxic, see meaning).

bozoneBlack Circle Size 00 = the substance surrounding stupid people, that stops bright ideas from penetrating.



You’ve got a name or three, so why not immortalize it as a WordRight? Judy and Ken Nakari did, claiming “nakarizeBlack Circle Size 00” (see meaning). So did Michael Morris, whose term “morrisBlack Circle Size 00” is now canonized forever (see meaning).

morrisBlack Circle Size 00 = 1) to pretend to know more about something than a declared specialist or expert in the field; 2) to bluff or posture such that others become convinced of one's nonexistent expertise or knowledge.     

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