Example submissions:

glintz glynz n.  the spittle inadvertantly sprayed by a speaker onto another in close, face-to-face conversation; v. to spatter, sprinkle, or spray a person or object with one’s spit. e.g., “I’m terribly sorry if I glintzed you.

nakarize NAWK.er.iz  v. 1) to create, modify, or refine something ordinary into a work of sophistication or good taste; 2) to alter a house in appearance and liveability such that it becomes much more desireable and of greater value; 3) to apply the practices of Ken and Judy Nakari, espec. in terms of home ownership.

sacrelicious sak.ree.LIH.shush adj. 1) going against one's deeply held dietary convictions; 2) compromising one’s dietary standards due to the overwhelming appeal of a forbidden food. E.g., “It was sacrelicious of me to eat that awesome pigeon souffle.