Application for Neologism WordRight

Certification is fast and simple. Complete the steps below. If you have already had your word authenticated, your certification is assured; if not, your submission will first be checked to determine new coinage (a free service to you), and if authenticated your order will be placed automatically. If itís already an English word, you will be informed at the e-mail address you provide, and no charges will be incurred.

If any section is unclear to you, just click on this symbol for clarification. 

FIRST STEP: Choose Level


Standard $21.50US


Premium $35.00US


SECOND STEP: Choose A, B, or C


This word is mine, and I will be the WordRight Owner.


I have the word, but it is to be a gift. I want to register it to another Owner.


There is no neologism (yet), but Iím purchasing a Certificate of Entitlement as a gift. Iíll leave the creativity up to him/her.