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If it’s not yet part of our English language*, you can claim it as your own!

The English Neologia Society® now offers WordRight™ certification of original coined words (neologisms) and ownership to those who first submit them.  All words become part of the International Registry of English Neologisms. Ownership rights are exclusive, worldwide, and perpetual.

Coin it, define it, display it (framed certificate), flaunt it (wallet card), drink from it (coffee cup), bequeath it, but most of all, get it before it’s gone.  Hundreds of words are added to the English language every year!

So whether it’s an old family term, office slang, a word that should exist, a play on your name or other clever coinage, this is the one and only place to register it as your own. WordRights make great gifts, too.

Best of all, it’s all for charity.  And you choose the charity.

Ready to get yours?  Click Fast Track App right now.

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*The E.N.S. will check your word using definitive lexical authorities, free!

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